The 119th SUTGEF meeting

The 119th SUTGEF meeting hosts two presentations to discuss the state-of-art wave energy technologies. The meeting will be held online from 14:00pm, 25th Feb 2021, UK time.

Presentation 1:


Dr. Jana Orszaghova, University of West Australia.


Dynamic instabilities in wave energy converters


In this talk we explore dynamic instabilities in floating WECs through simplified models. We propose analytical approaches based on the linear and non-linear Mathieu equation, allowing for prediction of onset/occurrence of the instability as well as its severity in terms of the limiting amplitudes of the unstable motions under regular wave conditions. We also study parametric resonance through time-domain numerical models based on linear potential flow theory, but allowing for some non-linearities arising from taking into account the instantaneous body position. Different variants of such models are investigated and compared. The simplified models are shown to give valuable insight into the dynamics of floating WECs, and are a very efficient tool for discovering motion instabilities in early design stages.

Presentation 2:


Dr. Jørgen Hals Todalshaug (Lead scientist ) and Hannah Buckland, CorPower Ocean


Wave loads as cost and performance drivers for the C4 wave energy converter of CorPower Ocean.


Maximising excitation in normal operation while minimising loads storm conditions is key for the development of an economic wave energy converter (WEC). We will present some of the thinking behind the hydrodynamic design of our point absorber WEC, and show how we have adapted design load methodology from offshore oil&gas and wind turbine industries to the field of wave energy conversion.


Registration is available at the link below, it is free and just needs your name, email and affiliation. A Zoom link will be distributed to those who register

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