The programme of CCP-WSI networking activities will run over 5 years and will include:

  • WSI Code Developers' Workshops with invited talks from relevant EPSRC research projects amongst others led by network members.
  • WSI Repository Workshops with specific focus on linking to the Code Repository; good practice in software developments and maintenance; visualisation of large datasets.
  • Focus Group Workshops to which academics and industry experts will be invited to discuss WSI challenges in the context of: offshore oil and gas structures; wave and tidal energy structures; offshore wind structures.
  • Experiment and Computation Workshops at which the community are invited to blind test a numerical simulation of a new WSI experiment.
  • WSI Training Courses for PhDs, postdocs and industry end users in: software engineering; parallelisation; validation of computation with experiment; data presentation protocols; data and model results exchange.
  • Presentations from CCP-WSI at the Supergen MARINE and Supergen WIND Consortium programmes and General Assemblies where appropriate.
  • Outreach Activities for the general public such as taking part in locally arranged public lectures; developing teaching materials for school visits and workshops; and running workshops and seminars for local school teachers.

Personal Information

Note we request that attendees of our events supply the following information:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Institution
  • Dietary Requirements

All of the above information is deleted once the event has taken place. Please see our Privacy Statement for more detail.

Programme of Events

Date Event
20 October 2015 Project Kick Off Meeting
8 April 2016 First Repository Workshop
13 June 2016 Working Group Meeting
14 July 2016 First Focus Group Workshop
6 October 2016 Software Engineering Workshop
27 January 2017 Working Group Meeting
April 2017 Workshops and seminars for local school teachers
24 June 2017 Working Group Meeting
28 June 2017 Blind Test Workshop 1
27 July 2017 First Code Developers' Workshop
29 August 2017 Blind Test Workshop 2
25 October 2017 SIG-WSI Kick-off Meeting
6 December 2017 Working Group Meeting
24 May 2018 2nd Repository Workshop
24 May 2018 Working Group meeting
25 May 2018 Introduction to Programming in OpenFOAM Workshop
April 2018 Workshops and seminars for local school teachers
June 2018 Second Blind Test Workshop
September 2018 Second Focus Group Workshop
April 2019 Second Code Developers' Workshop
April 2019 Workshops and seminars for local school teachers
October 2019 Training Course
April 2020 Third Focus Group Workshop
April 2020 Third Repository Workshop