1st CCP-WSI Hackathon

Dates: 16th – 20th September 2019
Location: The Barholm Guest House, Portaferry (hosted by Queen’s University Belfast)

Description and Aim

The 1st CCP-WSI Hackathon is a residential unconference in which selected members of the WSI community work together and share ideas to develop specific WSI software within the CCP-WSI Code Repository using the OpenFOAM code-base. As well as generating high-quality, open-source and community-driven software, the CCP-WSI Hackathon aims to reduce the duplication of effort by bringing members of the WSI community together to work collaboratively on shared WSI problems. The code developments made will be professionally-software engineered and made publically available, enabling easy and continual expansion of the ideas initiated at the event. Participants of the 1st CCP-WSI Hackathon will receive advanced, targeted training in WSI software development, from experts in the field, and will have an unparalleled opportunity to produce research outputs and establish collaborations with colleagues from the wider WSI community.


The main objectives of the event are to:

  • Bring together code developers from the WSI community to encourage the collaborative exchange and refinement of ideas.
  • Provide a framework for innovation and development of strategic WSI code that benefits from the latest developments in hardware and software engineering.
  • Build and grow a repository of high-quality, sustainable and open-source WSI software.
  • Provide participants with advanced training in computer science and software development.
  • Provide impetus for research impact and foster new research collaborations.
  • Reward contributors with tangible outputs and enhanced notoriety.

More information to follow soon including how to apply. Join the CCP-WSI & SIG-WSI Community Mailing List to receive updates.