Below is a selected list of publications from the CCP-WSI community relating to WSI applications. Click on the links to see more Journal Articles and Conference Proceedings.

If you have a recent publication in the WSI field that you'd like us to add please let us know.

Journal Articles


Zhang, X., Zheng, S. , Lu, D., Tian, X., Numerical investigation of the dynamic response and power capture performance of a VLFS with a wave energy conversion unit, Engineering Structures, 195 (2019): 62-83, doi

Zheng, S. , Zhang, Y., Liu, Y., Iglesias, G., Wave radiation from multiple cylinders of arbitrary cross sections, Ocean Engineering, 184 (2019): 11-22, doi; PEARL

Conference Proceedings


Ransley, E., Brown, S., Xie, N., Guerrini, E., Greaves, D., Validating a Numerical Model for Assessing Entire Floating Tidal Systems, in Proceedings of the 7th Oxford Tidal Energy Workshop, 8-9 April 2019: Oxford, UK.