The Collaborative Computational Project in Wave Structure Interaction, funded by EPSRC, brings together two computational communities – fluid dynamics and structural mechanics. If you are interested in joining the community, get in touch or see what we've been up to.


The 2nd International Workshop, ‘Numerical and Experimental modelling of Wave-Structure Interaction’ boasts 16 speakers discussing a variety of topics. It is organized by IITMadras, City, UoL and UCL and runs 17 - 26 Nov.

The themed issue (part 1) on the CCP-WS Bind Test Series 2 of Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers - Engineering and Computational Mechanics has been published. Look out for further Blind Test Series 2 papers in later issues as well!

We are very proud to announce that CCP-WSI has received 5 more years of funding from EPSRC! This next chapter will connect together previously separate communities in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and computational structural mechanics (CSM).

The CCP-WSI You Tube Channel has been launched!

There's more CCP-WSI news available including details and links to previous events, publications and exciting announcements!